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the dutch mafia


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Hey, my fellow Dutchies,

Im the leader of the dutch mafia, we are a crew of currently 4 members and we're looking for more, so we have always someone to play with and we can setup heists often.

we don't care about the age, we just want to have fun.

Our crew is for Dutch people only, so do not join if you aren't Dutch, also we only play on the xbox 360, so do not apply if you are a ps3 player.

we divide the money fairly in the crew.

for all info about the crew read the crewnote: http://pastebin.com/AMtVBqYN


You have to be Dutch

You need xbox live

You need a social club account

You need a headset

You can also send me a message on xbox live, my gamertag is: jerry the dealer

And take a look at our crew page

I hope I hear from you guys soon on Social Club.

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