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If your fed up of players not sticking out heists/missions & genuinely need help grinding with any ceo/mc work or just want a crew to chill with and do fun activities daily then The Party Criminals NL is the crew for you!! We want a small crew around the 30 people. This small crew is not only for dutch people, but you like the Netherlands join our crew!

Crew motto: You like to party, join our club!!

* Must be 18 (mature)
* Join FB Group Chat
* Attend crew session
* Communicate with crew
* PS4 based
* Set as your active crew
* No crew hopping

Our crew sessions wants to do:

* Car meets
* Daily custom playlists
* Supplies/resupplies
* Heists/missions
*Organised meets
* Chill/quiet sessions
*Crew Sale Sessions
*B2B (act ll)


  1. Be polite, kind, and respectful to everyone, including non-members.
  2. Don’t kill players (members or non-members) needlessly in freemode. Unprovoked attacks are absolutely not alright. If another player attacks you, but then backs off, do not keep going after them. Do not provoke players in chat, and do not engage in revenge killing. This said, being assertive is alright. For example, when attacked, you may simply distance yourself from the griefers by disconnecting from the lobby, or you may kill the player who is directly attacking you. Before you shoot, ensure the threat is clear. For example, you can ask the attacker to stop. If they stop, great. If not, do what you must to keep yourself safe.
  3. Do not mod, cheat, or exploit the game in any way. In fact, avoid people who do. For example, explore the GTA Online career statistics on friend requests and check if the statistics make sense (for example, reaching level 100 normally takes at least a full 5 or 6 days of playtime, money earned should mostly come from jobs, and so on). However beware that game bugs can occasionally lead to strange stats.
  4. In crew contexts, make every reasonable effort to ensure that the relevant people (members or non-members) can participate in conversations, particularly if those conversations are about them. So, do not talk behind people’s back. Even with the best of intentions, people may be quick to jump to conclusions without knowledge of the full facts or with a misunderstanding of the full facts. If there is no chance for those conclusions to be challenged by those involved, then that can lead to very toxic situations. When issues arise (also see guidelines further), it is particularly important to observe this rule. This is obviously requires some discipline from everyone, and taking care that the appropriate channel of communication is chosen to deal with whichever situation at hand (public channel, private group chat, and so on).
  5. In crew contexts, please use English in public situations (such as crew forums and discord channels), and in non-public situations when playing with people who do not speak your language. Use of languages other than English inevitably leads to exclusion of people who do not master that language. Of course, saying a few words in a different language is perfectly fine. We embrace diversity. However, please avoid holding long conversations in other languages in situations where this risks excluding people who do not master that language.
  6. In crew contexts, do not post content (on the forums, discord, …) which a reasonable viewer may not want to be seen accessing in a public or formal setting, such as nudity, pornography, or excessively offensive material.
  7. Follow the dressed code!!

Participation, Communication and Loyalty is the key to join crew!! Private message or drop a comment below for more info to join the crew!




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