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About This File

Collectable Collector

Een teleporter naar verschillende collectables

Gemaakt door Hanneswasco


Je kan naar de volgende collectables teleporteren of blips op de map laten plaatsen:

  • Epsilon Tracts
  • Epsilon Vehicles
  • For Sale Signs
  • Hidden Packages
  • Letter Scraps
  • Monkey Mosaics
  • Nuclear Waste
  • Peyotes
  • Spaceship Parts
  • Stunt Jumps
  • Submarine Parts
  • Under the Bridges


Plaats CollectableController.asi en collectable_controller.ini in de GTA V directory waar de ScriptHookV ook geïnstalleerd is.

Meer info en een download van de ScriptHookV vind je hier.

Control Toetsen

Je kan de toetsen om in het menu te navigeren aanpassen in collectable_collector.ini, door gebruik te maken van de Symbolic Constant Name die je kan vinden in deze website.

De standaard toetsen zijn:

  • F5 om het menu te openen
  • NUMPAD 5 om in een submenu te stappen/te teleporteren naar een plaats
  • NUMPAD 0 om terug te keren
  • NUMPAD 8 om naar boven te gaan
  • NUMPAD 2 om naar beneden te gaan

Write coordinates to file

When the setting WRITE_COORDS in the collectable_collector.ini file is set to 1, you can write your current location to the file coordinates.txt in the GTA V directory.

This can be done by a key that you can also change in the .ini-file. By default this is F7.

This function can be handy if you want to help me adding new collectables. If you want to send me coordinates, please send me a personal message or post in this topic. If I will use your coordinates, you will ofcourse be mentioned in the Special thanks-section. smile.gif

Change blip colours

In the collectable_collector.ini file, you can change the colour values of the different collectables.

For more info about which colour value represents which colour, see blipcolours.png or the image below.



Alexander Blade: ScriptHookV en Native Trainer

WikiGTA.org / PatrickW / Dutchy3010 / IGN: coordinaten

What's New in Version 1.6   See changelog


  • Changes in v1
  • More or less locations added to Spaceship Parts, Letter Scraps, For Sale Signs,
  • Epsilon Tracts, Hidden Packages, Peyotes and Stunt Jumps
  • Able to change the keys to enter and navigate in the menu in a .ini-file
  • Changes in v1.1
  • Fixed bug that didn't allow to change the key to open the menu in the .ini-file
  • Changed teleporting positions slightly
  • Changes in v1.2
  • Teleported automatically above ground instead of under ground
  • Changes in v1.3
  • Spaceship Parts and Letter Scraps now have perfect spawn positions
  • Changes in v1.4
  • Added Epsilon Vehicles and Under the Bridges
  • Epsilon Tracts, For Sale Signs, Peyotes and Stunt Jumps now have perfect spawn positions
  • Deleted Parachuting locations since it is useless (there are blips on the map)
  • Teleport to marker function added
  • Changes in v1.5
  • Added Monkey Mosaics
  • Hidden Packages now have exact locations
  • Able to write locations to file if option is turned on in .ini-file
  • Changes in v1.6
  • Added Nuclear Waste and Submarine Parts
  • The active menu-item now is remembered
  • Changed the drawing height of the menu and the amount of maximum visible menu items, so it doesn't cover the minimap

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