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Missies spelen

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Ik heb DYOM geïnstalleerd en het werkt zeer goed, alleen heb ik het gedaan om missies van anderen te spelen. Zelf maken heb ik niet zo'n zin in. Nu is het probleem dat ik niet snap hoe je missies van anderen kunt spelen. Er staat dat je gewoon het bestandje in de map San Andreas Users Files moet plaatsen en dat heb ik gedaan, maar dan verschijnen ze nergens en kan ik ze niet spelen.

Dus mijn vraag is: hoe speel je die missies?

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Hier wat uitleg over de storyline feature, ik hoop dat dat al je vragen beantwoord (het is wel Engels!):

Storyline feature

storyline1.th.jpg storyline2.th.jpgstoryline3.th.jpg

In this manual we are trying to explain the storyline feature. The concept is very simple: you can create a storyline with a maximum of 24 missions. You have to make those missions like you did before, using the mission menu. You can also use loaded missions (but you can't use dyom0.dat files). In this version there is only one storyline possible at the same time.

Before you use this feature

First, you have to make a folder called "DSL" (capital letters) in the folder San Andreas User Files (next to your dyomx.dat files and normal San Andreas savegames). After you made a storyline, you will have a few files in this folder: of course the mission files, _INTRO.dat, _OUTRO.dat, _STORY.dat and perhaps _AUTORUN (if you selected autorun, I'll explain this later).


You can use a mission as an intro. This will start immediately after you started the storyline. You can use this with a cutscene (like that CJ arrives in San Andreas), you can also only change the player to the player you use in the mission. There is only one intro-mission, you can't make more intro's. Then you have to use the "normal" missions of the storyline. When you want to save your mission like an intro, go to Storyline Menu > Mission Menu > Save Mission as Intro. You don't have to use an intro if you don't want to. You can load the intro mission with the option "Load Intro Mission" in Storyline Menu > Mission Menu. When you only use an intro (and no other missions), you can better just make a normal mission like you were used too.


After the intro, you can import the normal missions. You first have to save them in the DSL folder. Go ingame and make or load the mission you want. Save it by selecting "Save Mission to DSL" in Storyline Menu > Mission Menu. Give it a name, for example, mission1. Then make or load another mission and name it (mission2). There will apear files in the DSL file, which have the name you gave it ingame. So in my example, you will find mission1 and mission2 in the DSL folder. Of course, you will be able to load these missions as well.

Next you have to make a mission trigger. Go to Storyline Menu > Add Mission Trigger. Then type the name you gave the mission (that is, the name of the file in the DSL folder). After you selected the add mission trigger, you have to choose an icon (and you can still change the exact place of the trigger). Finally you have to determine when the mission will be available. If you say 0, it will be playable immediately after the intro mission. When you say 1, it will be playable after you passed the first mission.

A short example:

Mission1 --> 0

Mission2 --> 1

Mission3 --> 0

Mission 4 --> 5

Mission 5 --> 3

Mission1 is playable when the intro is finished. Mission2 is playable after the player completed mission1. Mission 3 is also available from the moment the intro is finished. Mission 4 can't be played until the player finished mission 5. Mission 5 is playable when the player passed mission 3.

So the missions don't have to be chronologic!

Be aware that missions which can't be triggered, won't be in the mission list. So if Mission4 will be playable after mission6 (instead of mission5), it won't be playable at any moment, since there is no mission 6. The same happens if you say that mission4 will be playable after mission4. If all other missions are completed, it will go to the outro, even if mission4 isn't played yet (it isn't possible to play it).

You can remove or edit mission triggers. When you remove a mission trigger, other triggers number will also change. When it isn't what you want, you an always edit the mission trigger, so that you change when the mission will be enabled (so the number).


The outro works the same like the intro. Only difference is that this will appear when there aren't any more playable missions. After the outro you will go back to the design mode.

Quit storyline

You can quit the storyline by pressing Y and N at the same time. However, this only works between missions. It won't work when you are in a mission (or an intro/outro).

Clear/Test Storyline

I think these too functions don't need any explanation. Clear Storyline means that all mission triggers are deleted. With the Test Storyline function you will play your storyline.


When you select autorun, the storyline will start immediately after pressing "Design Your Own Mission" (New Game). There will be a file in the DSL folder called "_AUTORUN". You can use two ways to turn Autorun off. First, you can play the storyline, and use the Y/N function. Then you return to the design mode, where you can turn it off in the Storyline Menu. You can also delete the "_AUTORUN" file from the DSL folder. That way the autorun is turned off too.

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