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DYOM Versie 8 beta 2 released!


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DYOM Versie 8 Beta 2

We hebben een tweede beta gereleased nadat we een aantal bugs gerapporteerd kregen. Daarnaast hebben we een paar leuke nieuwe features toegevoegd! Hieronder de changelog van zowel beta 1 als beta 2. :)

Bugfixes beta 1

In this version, a number of small and major bugs were fixed. The following major bugs of version 7 should be fixed in version 8 (beta):

  • Objective texts were not always cleared.
  • Skipping a moving cutscene doesn't end the movement.
  • Crash while using the fire-object.
  • Hide/spawn problems when adding new objectives in the middle.

Bugfixes beta 2

The following bugs of version 8 beta 1 are fixed:

  • The multiple times reported cutscene bug, appears after canceling the cutscene menu.
  • Clear cutscene properties when creating a new cutscene.
  • Wrong text on skip fading menu.
  • Revert fix for texts that outlive short cutscenes.
  • Crash when adding animated actor with route, without defining routepoints.
  • Health 200 bar on teleport.

New features in beta 1

The following new features are added:

  • For your convenience, we added quick browsing for cars, actors and objects. Using G and H, you can jump with 10 steps at the time, instead of 1. Please note that we already introduced the following quick browsing for cars in an earlier version: p for next plane, h for next helicopter, b for next boat, c for next car and s for next special vehicle.
  • In previous version we supported "fire" and "explosion" as special objects, that you could use in your missions. After many requests we extended these with over 90 additional effects to dress up your missions, but they also enable all new gameplay options. For example, you can create fireworks or be even more creative...
    8ziff5.jpg 6dwwer.jpg
  • In addition to the existing "follow actor" camera mode, we added two modes for using a camera for a specific actor: "1st person" places the camera's at the actors eye-level and thus shows his view-point. "3rd person" hovers the camera behind the actor and moves with him, as he walks around, much like it normally does with the player. Below you see an example of the same scene in "follow actor", "1st person" en "3rd person" mode.
    2likcch.jpg ih1kko.jpg 64iknk.jpg
  • Cutscenes now have 4 properties:
    Slowmotion: slows down the action, for a dramatic effect
    Shaking camera: Camera wiggles, to be used e.g. for explosions, drunkness
    Skip Fading: No fade-in, fade-out around the cutscene
    Skip Widescreen: normal display is used for the cutscene instead of the standard widescreen
  • By popular request we added objective objects to DYOM. You can choose between four types of objectives: Touch the object, photograph the object, shoot the object or damage the object.
  • To enable mission that involve buying and selling stuff we added "add money" and "subtract money" special objectives.
  • When positioning the camera for a cutscene you can use G en H to scroll through positions used in previous cutscenes. This can be quite useful if you want to create a dialogue, without changing the position of the camera.
  • When editing an actor with an animation that involves a route, you have an additional option besides using the existing route and creating a new route. You can now choose to extend the existing route with additional waypoints. For that purpose you will be teleported to the location of the last waypoint, and can continue from there.

New features in beta 2

  • Added fast respawn option for pickups: Pickups had the option to be spawnen once or to be spawned multiple times. That last option does now come in two versions: "respawn after 6 minutes" (the old timing) and "respawn after 30 seconds" ( the new and faster respawn).
  • Import/export of objective texts: a brand new feature has been added: Import and export of objective texts. These options in the mission menu, allow you to save the texts of all your objectives into a temporary textfile. Which you can then edit outside DYOM in your favorite edit-tool and which you can import back into the same mission. The texts are save in a file "DYOMtemp.txt" in the same folder as where you put your downloaded missions. This feature allows you to easily proof-read and edit your texts. It also allows you to use characters that are available in SA, but are not supported by DYOM.
  • 3 player cutscene camera modes: Another brand new feature is "player animations", these allow you to let your player execute animations during a cutscene. This objective must be placed directly in front of a cutscene. It make it easier to create cutscenes that involve your protagonist. This will in combination with "skip fading" and "skip widescreen" enable you to create truly seamless blended in cutscenes.
  • Player Animations added: To make the "player animations" usefull, three new camera modes have been added for cutscene's: "Follow Player", "Player 1st Person" and "Player 3rd Person". These behave the same as the corresponding "actor" modes.
  • Increased max amount of rewardmoney in storyline mode

Upload a.u.b. geen beta-missies naar de DYOM website!

We hopen dat jullie hier veel plezier aan beleven en mochten jullie bugs vinden, post het dan in het daarvoor bestemde topic.

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