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This topic is the place to report small (or big) mistakes in the English version of WikiGTA.org.

Don't report pages that are not (yet) available, as we are fully aware, that not all pages are translated into English.

Please write your reports in English, so that everyone interested can read them.

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There is a big mistake on the main page. It says 'Grand Theft Auto's' at the top of the menu about the GTAs. But, in English an apostrophe is never used in this way. It should be 'Grand Theft Autos'.


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I don't know sure but on this page: http://en.wikigta.org/wiki/Dates_%28GTA_San_Andreas%29 stand this:

Seks is possible

Isn't that 'sex' in English?

Edit: another mistake I think. http://en.wikigta.org/wiki/Checklist_%28GTA_San_Andreas%29

[ ] Trucking Missions 1 t/m 8

t/m must be: through. The same with Quarry missions.

Trucking missions must be [appart]. Just like Quarry missions.

Mansion Missies

[ ] A Home in the Hills

[ ] Vertical Bird

[ ] Home Coming

[ ] Cut Throat Business

Grove Street Missies

[ ] Beat Down on B-Dup

[ ] Grove 4 Life

[ ] Riot

[ ] Los Desperados

[ ] End of The Line

Missies must be: missions.

Edited by hanneswasco
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The name of the picture of "Divine" from Grand Theft Auto isn't right, or it doesn't excist.



It's this URL: http://en.wikigta.org/wiki/Divine

Also, the bar at the top isn't translated right:


At the page of Grand Theft Auto, there's a mistake in the word "whit", wich should be "with".


Edited by ThunderDuck
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All has been fixed and some more faults on the Grand Theft Auto page as well. Thanks guys _O_ .

Oh yeah? Here's another mistake: http://en.wikigta.org/wiki/Checklist_%28GTA_San_Andreas%29

Driving School, Back To School

[ ] The 360

[ ] The 180

[ ] Whip and Terminate

[ ] Pop and Control

[ ] Burn and Lap

[ ] Cone Coil

[ ] The '90'

[ ] Wheelie Weave

[ ] Spin and Go

[ ] P.I.T. Maneuver

[ ] Alley Oop

[ ] City Slicking

Boat School

[ ] Basic Seamanship

[ ] Plot a Course

[ ] Fresh Slalom

[ ] Flying Fish

[ ] Land, Sea and Air

Flying School; Learning To Fly

[ ] Take off

[ ] Land Plane

[ ] Circle Airstrip

[ ] Circle Airstrip and Land

[ ] Helicopter Takeoff

[ ] Land Helicopter

[ ] Destroy Targets

[ ] Loop-the-Loop

[ ] Barrel Roll

[ ] Parachute onto Target

There is a ';', and that ';' must change in a ','! :clown:

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At the Main Page I heve found a mistake. Look at the Quote:

A game trailer usually consists of few short clips, to give you an impression of the game before the game has been released. The first trailer of GTA IV is available since march 29.
In WikiGTA --> Featured March is written without a capital 'M'.

I have found an other mistake at the Locations Map of San Andreas:

Hidden Sprays - Photo Opportunities - Horseshoes - Oysters - Unique stunt bonusses

Train stations - Hospitals - Fire Departments - Politice Departments - Airports - Casino's

Barbers - Tattoo Parlors - Binco - ZIP - Prolaps - Sub Urban - Victim - Didier Sachs - Gyms

Cop Bribes - Body Armor - Health - Two Player Missions - Weapons - Vehicles

Spray shops - Bomb shops - Mod shops - Ammu-Nation - Schools - Other locations

Burger Shot - Cluckin' Bell - Well Stacked Pizza - 24-7 - Bars & dancings - Sex clubs & -shops

Safe Houses - Girlfriends - Courier missions - Races - Assets - Easter eggs - Hidden interiors - Blanc map

You see the red mark at Casino's. Edited by VWO-er
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Another mistake: http://en.wikigta.org/wiki/Seasparrow_%28GTA_San_Andreas%29

There you haven't got The Sea Sparrow for GTA VCS, and you haven't got the Sparrow for Vice City.

And it's resamble off Baby Belle.


Here you haven't got the Sea Sparrow for Vice City, and The Sparrow and Sea Sparrow for VCS.

And it's resamble off Baby Belle.


Here doesn't stand it for VCS too.

If I was you, I should take a look for that Aircrafts, because there are more of these mistakes, some even in the dutch version.

>>> Door PatrickW: Please report these kind of problems in the appropriate dutch topic (for people that speak dutch). Lets keep this topic for translation mistakes, mistakes specific to the English version and problems reported by non-dutch.<<<

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